Statuatory Cells

General Discipline

Nursing profession which demands altruistic service from its members exerts self discipline at a personal level and general discipline in the campus.

Therefore :

  • Regular attendance as well as punctuality is expected from the students at lectures, demonstrations, practical, fields work and other such academic exercises as well as in clinical experiences. They are required to attend allotted working period in each of the prescribed subjects.
  • Students are also required to present themselves neat and tidy in their dress, avoiding exaggerated fashions.
  • The students should wear prescribed complete uniform for duty including sandal shoes and ID cards. A pair of simple ear stud are permitted on duty.
  • A sense of decorum and discipline is expected of every student in the college, hospital as well as in the entire campus. Ragging is strictly prohibited. They shall not indulge themselves either individually or collectively in any form of activity that will bring down the good name of the institution/ Nursing profession
  • Students should refrain from disfiguring walls and furniture and other form of objectionable practices.
  • Students will refrain from any form of indiscipline unfitting to members of the nursing profession. They will strive at all costs to be loyal to the ethics of institution and professional codes of conduct.

Report of Anti Ragging and Disciplinary Committee: The anti ragging and disciplinary committee is headed by Mrs. Jayashree Katarki , Chariman of this committee ensures discipline atmosphere for learning. The committee periodically looks into the disciplinary aspects of the student body. The committee is headed by Principal, Lawyer, Police and other committee members. The Committee members details are as follows:-

Anti-Ragging Squad
Sl No Name Designation Ph No's
01 Mrs. Jayashree Katarki Chairman 9845403520
02 Mr. Arvind Katarki Secretary 9980829334
03 Mr. Chandru Police Officer & Member 9741044812
04 Mrs. Chetana Suresh Lawyer 9739906609
Anti Ragging Committee
Sl No Name Designation Ph No's
01 Prof.S.Jayasree Principal & Member 9481421168
02 Mrs. Usha Advisor 9535872732
03 Mrs. Sanmathi Advisor 9972599790
04 Mrs. Tinu Maria Peter Class co-ordinator & Member 9986986311
05 Ms. Jyothi Class co-ordinator & Member 9110473242
06 Mrs. Bincy Class co-ordinator & Member 9900100976
07 Ms. Sujina Khakurel Student Representative 8147089994
08 Mr. Harisha.A.S Student Representative 8880652255
09 Mrs. Sharon Student Representative 8867985221
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